HAMF Energy Services is an Egyptian Company and registered in the government system. HAMF is a provider of unique business lines and diversified services for the upstream energy sector within Egypt and the GCC marketplace.

Our team and their cumulative experience create solutions to industrial problems through providing advanced equipment and expertise along with consultancy and training.

We specialize in well engineering, drilling, work over and well services along with well testing, coil tubing, e-line, slick line, pumping and down hole tools.

In today’s volatile energy market where uncertainty and fierce competition are becoming the norm it is critical to have a strong management team to navigate today’s reality.

HAMF Energy Services with its highly experienced and diversified members can provide support and advice with meticulous and reliable experts to aid in your team’s success.

Our cumulative experience and knowledge can create an innovative and tailor-made solution designed to optimize the performance of your business requirements.

We can also support your team with training, coaching and mentoring to insure success.

HAMF Energy Services was built on four values



Safety is not an add on, it is integrated into how we do business.


Trust and Respect are embedded within the character, competence and attitude of our members.


Ability of our members to explore new ideas and avenues provides our customers with innovative solutions and assist them to meet their organizational goals.


Planning and Execution form the basis on how we deliver the best solution in a timely manner.

These values are the foundation of our business and clients’ focused services.

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